Darrell Allen

#66: Forward


Having played hockey from the age of 10 yes 34 years ago!!! I have played for various clubs at various levels had plenty of injury’s and plenty of Penalty’s, I joined the Fire service back in 2013 as retained in Peterborough for the volunteer Fire Brigade the only Volunteer Fire service in the Uk Under Cambridgeshire FRS. The same year I joined the uk firefighters team and we went out to Belfast to play in the World Police and fire Games which was eventful and a great experience But we didn’t put out a full team so our position suffered. We played against some very experience Ex Pros from different Leagues over the world.

In 2017 I moved House and now in Lincolnshire at the minute I’m too far away to make the station one day I will go back in so at the minute I’m Early retired!  

In 2018 I took the opportunity to fly to India and onto the Himalayas to take part in the Highest altitude ice hockey game for the Guinness Book of records, it is probably one of the hardest experiences and most moving experiences of my life. We flew out to Ladakh to Acclimatise where we played hockey against the Indian Army and Local teams – no issue for them having lived there as they were used to the cold and altitude. Us on the other hand, it was minus 31 and no air!!! We travelled up the highest passable road in the world which was above Everest base camp – to say I felt sick with the motion is an understatement. We were there 6 days before moving onto where the actual game was to be held. Again Another traitorous  journey across Mountains for 5 hours, looking over the edge on what can only be described as a mud road with boulders falling and cars and lorry’s that have driven over the side – it was a proper twitchy ride. Once we got to the destination we stayed with billet family’s, 3 hours electricity a day, no heating and it was Minus 47 degrees. Locals walking round with normal clothes on and us wrapped up with layers and layers of clothes on and still cold. On game day we had to get changed in tents on the middle of a lake before playing on a purpose built NHL Regulation sized rink. Every shift I got off straight to the oxygen Bottles!!! What an experience though! What next.

Little more about me, I’m 44 with a son of 15 who plays. I own 2 companies – a Scaffold company and a Building company.

Squad Number: #6
Present Clubs: Pro team Red Wings
Occupation: Director of two companies


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